The best exercises for slimming the abdomen and the sides

We offer to your attention an article that discusses exercises for slimming the abdomen and the sides. You will learn how to physical exercise contribute to the process of weight loss and you are better of diets or hunger. Become familiar with the fact how to approach the selection of exercises and what features to take into account. As well as become familiar with some basic and effective exercises that you can perform at home.


As the exercises help you lose weight

Exercise play an important role in the fight against overweight and obesity, for the following reasons:

  • Physical exercise actively contribute to the burning of energy, which is the form of fat deposits. And this leads to the mobilization of fat and the decrease of their number in the body.
  • When a person sits in what we would call a caloric diet limited, the body, to maintain the reserves of energy, includes protective physiological reaction, which blocks the weight loss, especially if the diet is too exhausting and a man sits in it for a long time. During exercise the same is not true, and the weight is lost much faster and more efficient.
  • Exercise stimulate the sympathetic divisions of the nervous system and increases the speed of metabolism. When this is consumed, the amount consumed by the body of energy, and this leads to loss of weight.
  • It's also worth noting that the regular load improve the physical health and state of mind of stress, make a person active and cheerful, and the life is much more interesting and brighter.

How to select the best exercises for you

To pick up suitable for the exercise, the experts recommend to take into account the following features:

  • If you want a thin waist, that we should give up carrying a load of extra work. This exercise contributes to more intensive increase of obliques and side muscles of the press, so that the waist will eventually increase in size. Such exercises, rather, they are ideal for guys who wish to increase the proportion of your body, than for girls.
Proper nutrition
  • Classes with an aro is considered effective in the fight against excess fat in the abdominal area, however, there is a danger that is not worth forgetting standing in the class with a hoop cause a prolapse of pelvic organs.
  • If you decide to turn on additional weight, during the execution of the exercises do not make sudden movements.
  • To deal with the kilograms superfluous in the belly and the sides will help cardio. These exercises strengthen the metabolism, and this contributes to an intense burning of fat. Also it is worth to give preference to the range of loads.
  • Also exercise is recommended to combine with an additional charges.
  • In the process, you must control the load on the oblique muscles of the press, which should not be excessive.

The best exercises

There are different complexes of exercises to make waist thin and beautiful.


The most famous one can call it the right curvature at the press conference.

  • To do this, you need to stay on a flat surface or mat and bend the knees (the feet should be placed on the floor).
  • Bring the hands behind the head, taking a deep breath, break the casing on the ground and pull him to his feet.
  • Then do the exhale and fall back into its original position.
  • It is recommended to do 10 reps of 2-3 approach.

The returns of torque

  • To do this, lie on your back, bend the knees and place your feet on the ground.
  • Of the hand placed along the body.
  • Now it is necessary to raise the legs so that the hip finally have been located perpendicular to the ground and knees directed towards the chest.
  • When you pull the feet off the ground, it is necessary to do the breath test, and when the feet are placed on the floor — breathing.
  • It is recommended to do 10 reps 3 approach.

Torsion bars

  • You must lie down on a flat surface, having the hands behind the head, and the feet of bend their knees so that the feet did not touch the ground.
  • Now, we must lift up the body, the right hand with the elbow pull to the left knee. The left part of the body must remain on the ground.
  • Repeat the movement in reverse: the left elbow reach your right knee to the right side of the trunk has remained in the soil.
  • An approach is required to do a minimum of 15 repetitions.


This, at first glance, a simple exercise is designed to work abs, thighs and the lower part of the back.

  • Accept the position on the floor so that your elbows, knees and toes resting on the floor.
  • The neck and spine should be aligned in a line, and the gaze fixed straight ahead.
  • Then, you must break the knees of the floor and to be in this position for 30 minutes. It is important that the breathing was normal.
  • After this, you can go to the lateral position of the belt and perform the exercise with each one of the parties for 30 seconds.
  • Again accept the position for the feet and the palm of the hand is supported on the ground.
  • Move the center of gravity in the right part of the body. The right hand should be bent at a right angle.
  • Put the left leg to the right, keeping the legs straight, lift the hip.
  • Torque
  • In this position you must be of 30 seconds. In the future it is possible to carry out the plan for 1-2 minutes.
  • Repeat the exercise for the other side.

Lunges with twists of the case

This exercise is ideal for beginners.

  • Take a step forward with the left foot and bend your knee. This will allow you to do the stretching of the muscles of the right hip.
  • Throwing your hands in front of himself, that is settled in parallel with the ground.
  • After warming again to take a step forward with the left foot and sit on the imaginary chair. The right leg should remain in the rear of the sock to touch the ground. To do this, first the back you can leave directly, and then twisting the housing.
  • To make this kind of attack the other leg.
  • Repeat the movement 15 times.

Effect of the inclination in different parts of the

  • To complete the exercise, it must be fair, and put the feet together.
  • Lift the hands up and put them on top of the head.
  • The maximum tilt of the trunk to the left and hold this position for 15 seconds. You should feel the stretch in the right side of the body.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the exercise, bending your trunk to the right.
  • In the future, you can increase the time and hold the position 30, 45 and 60 seconds.

During the exercise you can do another interesting exercise, which strengthens the muscles of the abdominal cavity.

  • For the implementation of the need to become four legs.
  • Lunges with twists of the case
  • Relax to the plate and take a deep breath.
  • Exhale, and exhale, tense and very drag the belly.
  • In such a situation, it is necessary to retain the womb with a minimum of 15 seconds.

Tips for better efficiency

For training to be effective, it is necessary to observe the following recommendations:

  • You should gradually increase the intensity of the exercise. If there is a constant activity, the body not only adapts to the load, but also becomes more resistant. Therefore, it is recommended that at least 1 time a week included in the classes run, bike, or free weights. This will help you in a more effective way to burn calories and improve the metabolism.
  • Give preference to outdoor activities. This contributes not only weight loss, but and sanitation of the organism in general.
  • It is important to plan the classes. This will allow you to prepare in advance, and the time to begin the exercise. Since for this purpose it is necessary to choose the clothes, shoes and stock up on water. Many use for the corresponding training of the music, which is also better to prepare in advance.
  • An important role in the weight loss is the food, therefore, it is also necessary to correct. For example, the specialists recommend to introduce in your diet more vegetables, including watercress, which allows the body to recover more quickly after a strenuous training session, and the bitter chocolate. And it is also important to drink a sufficient amount of clean water (not less than 2 liters per day).
  • Do not forget training. Before the main training it is necessary to warm up the muscles. This will reduce to a minimum the delay in the onset of muscle soreness and possible injury of the tissues. And after the class, it is recommended to do stretching of the muscles.
  • It's not worth getting distracted in the conversations in this period. It is important to focus on the classes, do it well and with maximum efficiency. This is especially true if you are involved in a group of like-minded people.
  • Not only is it important to adjust the diet, but and to guarantee the normal rest and sleep, during which the body can rest and recover.
    An important role in the lose weight is diet
  • If you find it difficult to organize the exercises, it is best to ask help from a coach, that is able to offer a proper and efficient functioning of the structure, taking into account their characteristics and needs. And the most important thing is constancy. It is best to perform the exercises 20 minutes a day, doing nothing. The most difficult thing, especially at the beginning of the path, when a person is faced with the unpleasant sensations after classes, and fatigue.

The speed and the amount that they can lose weight

Speaking of figures is very difficult, since the result depends on the selection of exercises, the frequency and the intensity of training, as well as a style of life that is going to carry on this period. Also , one can not exclude individual characteristics of the body.

Exactly one thing: if the workouts consistent and intense, the changes will be visible already through the week: improving the well-being, the state of the muscles of the body and the body in general. In a month you can lose this way up to 4 kg, which means that the waist and the mouth will be less.

Note! The most important thing — the desire and the perseverance. And so the result is even more effective, you can take a walk and focus on cardio.