Exercises to lose weight for women in the home.

What to do if you need to lose weight, and to attend a hot tub is not possible? The good result achieved in the home. Should be performed daily ingredients exercises for your entire body and stick to moderate weight loss diets.

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Effective exercises for weight loss

To reduce the weight of the need to change the sedentary lifestyle, which decreases the metabolism, the most active. Morning should begin with the load, and for the home exercise to highlight the half-hour of the night. During the day take advantage of all the opportunities for physical activity. For burning fat it is useful to replace the travel in the elevator climb up the stairs, and before going to bed, do hiking short. Exercises for all the corset muscle will provide a toned body, and to the aesthetics of slimming and maintaining health, it is important to follow simple recommendations:

  • Eliminate from your diet sweets and the bread of the varieties of flour.
  • Cook the food to steam or boil.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables rich in fiber.
  • In the night not to eat the last meal no later than 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Drinking clean water.

Exercises for the whole body for slimming and staying in shape is a sine qua non. When the development of home exercise programs it is necessary to take account of focused on working out of the problem areas and state of health. There are fitness trainers recommend the use of effective exercises for strengthening and slimming the muscles.

The back

the fold of the

"Lean forward" one of the most effective movements for strengthening and slimming the back. For the development of the muscles, straightening the spine, have to get up at the "Gateway". The information and the raising of the blades and improve the circulation of the blood in trapezoidal and diamond-shaped muscle and reduces the fat of the intermediate layer sheyno-nuchal translucency. The exercise of "the plate with the push of weights" strongly fat burning through the broader activities of the muscles of the back, and "the Boat" meets perfectly with the cellulite in the lower part of the back.

The chest

"Presses with dumbbells lying down" it forces you to work both types of fibers, which makes it possible to lose weight without losing muscle mass. Exercise of Pushups against the wall," the women are able to perform a large number of repetitions, ensuring the required intensity of burning fat. Systematic execution of the exercises in Dry bras" to support the muscles in good shape, and the static load when the "Compression of the palms of the hands is added to the chest of the elasticity. The compliance of the diet is the determining factor in thinning of the breast, and the physical burden contributes to the conservation of the beautiful form.

The legs

To slim the legs, as well as for the development of the muscles of the whole body utilize different variations of the exercises of the "Bend over". Side lunges is okay to load the feet on the outer side. The exercise of the "Scissors" or stoppage of the ball my knees will take the muscles intense fat-burning in the inner side of the thighs. Regulate the execution of the exercises of the "Bike" generates a tidy area of the knee and carefully takes care of the joints. Calf raises, standing or seated, and reduce swelling and contribute to the shin of the topography.

the bike

The hip

Selegiline sustainable stool with lifting the knee up towards the top of effective way to exercise for slimming the legs. "Short attacks", consequently, increases the load of the hip, will give you a relief. If it requires the special attention of the inner surface, in the exercises you must include "Plie-squats". For the burning of fat in the outside of the hip practice of mahi a kick in the side of the foot.

The buttocks

The exercise Stanovaya pull" is good for the muscles of almost the entire body and increases the tonicity of the muscles of the buttocks. To a thinning of the buttocks, you must perform the Derivation of the legs towards is a player and spacious strides. "Hyperextension" is a good alternative to dead-weight the shot, the exercise does not exert pressure on the knees and the quadriceps. "Gluteal bridge" effectively increases the volume of the muscles, and also reduces the fat of the intermediate layer in the lower part of the back and buttocks. The exercise of Walking on the buttocks" strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor, and is working on the biceps of the thigh.


"The returns of pushups" with the support of the chair or on the edge of the sofa, magnificently loaded the area of the triceps, and remove the fat from the armpits. Different forms of bending hands tighten and strengthen the front group of muscles of the shoulder. Exercise "Scissors" and "Rotation of the moon" in a uniform way to burn fat from the surface of the hands. "Bench Press with dumbbells up" participates in the work of the triceps, trapezius and deltoid muscles, which creates a beautiful shape of the shoulder girdle.

The belly

Normal "Twist" wonderful to handle the upper part of the press and the exercise of the Return torque" to reduce the fat of the intermediate layer and strengthens the muscles of the lower region of the abdomen. "Lateral and torsion bars of" accentuate the waist, and exercise "is Tilted toward the part of" eliminates the deposits of fat on the sides. "Circular rotation of the feet" comprehensively affect the muscles of the press. To lift the bulging belly you must consistently do an exercise the "Vacuum".

neck lift


For slender and attractive of the waist should do "rotate the trunk from side to side" or "the Mill", which make the abdominal muscles, obliques intensely to decrease. The exercise of "rotation of the legs lying on the floor actively" burning fat in a problem area, and strengthens the press. "Side bridge" and "leg lifts lying on your side," well tone up the side muscles and reduce the coverage of the waist.


For the correct execution of the exercises it is necessary to put the feet shoulder-width apart, putting in the same plane with the knees. The back of keep direct, with profile in the lower part of the back, hands lowered along the body. Reduce the shoulder blade, pull is a player of the pelvis is a player, and in the inhalation of sitting down. The flexion of the hip joint until parallel with the ground, and the weight of the body should be moved into the heel. Up, exhaling at the top of the lift. Performing squats, the need to control the main points:

  • At the bottom of the position of the knees to not be displayed in front of the feet.
  • Can't get up in the socks.
  • It is prohibited to fillet the top of the back and the kidneys.
  • During the ascent cannot be reduced to the knees.


In the beginning of the exercise of put your feet to the width of the pelvis, after taking a step forward and gently bending. To transfer the load of work in the front part of the leg, the other to pull and support in the tip. Back smooth, natural profile in the lower part of the back, the palm of the hand is found here in the belt. The knee joint of the hand of the leg is bent at a 90° angle and experience an increase in load, so it is important not to allow the outgoing of his knees in the sock of the foot. Breathing out, rise up, and put in the work to stand on the side of the reference.


The starting point to push the emphasis lying in the direct of the hand, with the start width of the shoulders. The distance between the feet does not affect the execution of push-ups. The body remains the same, the tension of the gluteal and abdominal muscles. The bending of the arms, breathing deeply, and touching the chest to the ground. Gently exhale over the lifting of the body. During the execution of the exercises is important:

the training of the cervical
  • Comply with the setting of the palms of the hands at the level of the middle of the rib cage.
  • Avoid lumbar flexion.
  • Avoid the strong breeding of the elbows and sagging of the thighs.


To prevent a variety of injuries, before making jumps you need a warm-up ankles and knee joints. In the starting position of putting feet together, hands lowered along the body. Shoulders down, iron, exercise, keep your back straight and a bit tense. Explosive force of the muscles of the hip and leg to push the body upward, pulling on the feet. Landing in socks, slightly spring the knees.

The elevation of the legs

For the realization of exercises should lie on the back firmly against the kidneys, the hand is put over the body. The effort of the muscles of the press to break the hips from the floor and, exhaling, lift up to an angle of 60°. To have the feet on the top of 2 sec., and in the inhalation down without touching the floor with the heels. In order not to reduce the work load, you can't separate the head from the floor. Beginners and women with weak abdominal, must begin with a consecutive climbs of the feet.


Important: the exercise is only done on a hard surface. Lie on back, flex the hip and pull the hand along the trunk. Place the palm of the hand under the buttocks, place your feet on the ground. Doing the breathing, lift the leg and pull the socks. The strength of the muscles of the press keep their feet on the ground an angle of 30°-90°. First separate the legs from side to side, after which it is reduced and cross.



Lie on your back, fingers hooking into the castle behind the head and elbows to raise the sides. Beginners it allows you to cross your arms over your chest. Bend the hip and bring the leg on some furniture. Exhaling, twist your body, and lift the shoulders to the pelvis. Should be performed daily ingredients exercises for your entire body and stick to moderate weight loss diets. In the last position of the back rounded, and the muscles of the press very small. It cannot be reduced to the elbows and stretch the neck and the chin against the chest. The inhalation of re-the body in horizontal position.

A jerk

After the charge necessary to normalize the heart rate, decrease heart rate, and relieve tension of the nervous system. Done properly, pull accelerates the recovery after the load, and the return of the benefits of the muscles to its initial state. The stretch will improve the elasticity of the ligaments and muscles, improve the circulation of blood in the body, and contributes to the elimination of toxins from the body.

For the effectiveness of hitch you must make simple movements and exercises:

  • "Vertigo";
  • The pressed elbow to elbow;
  • Pull the elbow behind the back;
  • Effect of the inclination being propped up or a support;
  • Reduction of the hands behind the back;
  • The grooves in the vain of the door;
  • Exercises of the "half Moon" and "the cobra";
  • Pull the leg of is a player.

"Training program"



At the beginning of the week should be to perform motor training to strengthen the muscles, as well as the body after the weekend nicely restored. Before the training, they should spend 15 minutes active warming of the whole body, to prepare the muscles and the ligaments of the next load. All exercises do 15 reps in 3 approaches. Basic training of the consists of exercises for all the muscle groups:

  • "Squat deep";
  • "Large strides" — a certain number of repetitions performed in each leg;
  • "The sheet with the push of weights" — it is necessary to do each hand for 15 reps;
  • "Push-ups";
  • "Bench Press with dumbbells up";
  • "Curls with dumbbell";
  • "Twist";
  • "The elevation of the feet".

For aerobic of burden are ideal to jump rope, it is necessary to perform 3 times for 60 sec. As coupling – 10 minutes of stretching of all the muscles.


The day of the circular of workout, the exercises you perform in shifts to 15 repetitions. For training you need to do 3 rounds. To prepare the heart for the next load of training should include running in place. Exercises main complex:

  • "Plie-squat";
  • "Push-ups";
  • "Gluteal bridge";
  • "Superman";
  • "Scissors";
  • The jumps in the place of – 30 more.

At hitch should add breathing exercises to bring the heart rate in the norm.


The day of the strength and aerobic load. Basic training includes 3: focus of exercises, each one must perform 20 repetitions. Taking into account the activity, the next workout, the warm up should include the movement of torsion, the warming of the joints and the ligaments. The lesson consists of exercises:

  • "Squats" with the rise of the hands before them;
  • "The derivation of the feet to is a" player – run each leg 20 reps;
  • "The returns of pushups";
  • "Hyperextension";
  • "The bicycle".

As a delay of 5 minutes of stretching of the legs and back, and burning fat to take a hike in the period of 30 to 45 minutes


You should perform a training session with emphasis on the problem areas. A brief session of exercises composing of the rotation movements of the feet and the hands. To improve the fat-burning effect of all exercises run to 20 repetitions in a circle, with a break between series of 30 seconds. By the occupation to do 2 laps at a circuit, including:

  • "Large strides" – each leg to do 20 repetitions;
  • "Pushups against the wall";
  • "Gluteal bridge";
  • "Extension of the hand up with a light dumbbell;
  • "Superman";
  • "Mahi a kick in the side";
  • "Twist";
  • Jump rope – 30 sec.

During the hitch, well stretch the muscles of the hands and feet, do breathing exercises.


In training you should work the maximum number of muscles, to do this, perform 2 focus of all the exercises. To improve the performance of the most important classes, the warm up should include movements of rolling, rotation of the hands and feet, as well as turns and inclinations of the body. In each approach, do 15 repetitions of the following exercises:

  • "Short thrust" – each leg do 15 repetitions;
  • "The derivation of the feet to is a player" – do 15 repetitions with each leg;
  • "The bridge";
  • "Push-ups";
  • "Overhang on the ground" – 60 sec.
  • "Squeezing the palms of the hands before the chest";
  • "Twist";
  • "The rotation of the legs on each side perform 15 repetitions.

As hitch do 50 jumps on the spot and stretching of the entire body.


Add in the training exercises to the development of the problem areas. In the first part of the session, perform alternatively leg exercises – 2 in the method of 15 repetitions, after that, similar to working your upper body. Exercises at the press conference are held separately. Include in the training of running in place, with the uprising of the knees, and in the basic training:

  • "Squats";
  • "The derivation of the feet to is a player";
  • "Side attack";
  • "Gluteal bridge";
  • Before the working out of the top 50 breaks in the place;
  • "Bench Press with dumbbells lying down";
  • "Superman";
  • "Push-ups";
  • "Overhang on the ground" – 60 sec.
the bridge

To improve the gerogianni perform jumps with rope-2 times in 60 seconds. Hitch must begin with the breathing exercises and the stretch marks from the legs.


The day of the recovery of the muscles and active aerobic load, you should take a hike on a term of 60 minutes To start hormonal processes, before cardio party and live class should be performed by two methods exercises at the press conference:

  • "Twist" – the maximum number of times.
  • "The bicycle" – 20 repetitions with each leg.
  • "Side bends" – a total of 50 repetitions.

For the aesthetics of weight loss and maintenance of a tone necessary daily exercises for the muscles of the whole body, as well as the strict compliance to the diet and aerobic fitness, load-carrying capacity. You must read and follow the correct technique to avoid injury and improve the efficiency of exercise at home.