That it is necessary to eat for fast weight loss? The best slimming products – list!

There are a variety of methods and programs of training for weight loss, but the regular sporting activities is not sufficient to achieve the best results. You have to understand that the big role in the burning of fat plays a correct and balanced feeding. The problem of healthy eating is very important, because of what you eat, depends not only on achievements in the sport, but the same: your mood, appearance, performance and health in general. Therefore, in this article I will try to give an answer to the "hot" questions such as: what are the main principles of nutrition? That it is necessary to eat to lose weight fast? What are the best products to lose weight? The list!

The good food and the sport

The diet (lifestyle, way of power supply) – in the first place, it is the rules of reception of meal. The diet is characterized by factors such as: contents of calories, the chemical composition, the physical properties of the products, the time and the frequency of meals.

  • Rule # 1 — More protein
  • Rule # 2 — Less carbs
  • Rule No. 3 — Water
  • Rule no. 4 — Harmful and useful of fat
  • Rule no. 5 — the principle of burning fat
  • Menu of the week
  • The best products for weight loss

5 principles for weight loss

No. 1. Every day you must consume a sufficient amount of protein. If the amount of protein will not be enough, you run the risk of losing a significant part of the muscle mass extra fat that you've got the luck of record. A sufficient amount of protein will help to maintain dry muscle mass in a period of low-calorie food.

As a general rule, for guys who are trying to lose weight, the standard of protein is 2g to 1kg of body weight (for example, if the weight of a boy of 80kg, it is necessary to 80 multiply by 2 and we finally have the standard of the protein). The girls have a little less than: 1.5 g per 1 kg of body weight (for example, if the weight of the girl of 70kg, it is necessary to 70 multiply by 1.5 and finally we get the daily norm of proteins). If your goal is not to lose weight, and drying the body, then the norm of protein, both for the boys as for the girls increased (boys: 2.8 g – 3.5 g * 1kg / girls: 2g – 2.7 g * 1kg).

The best sources of protein for weight loss: a fillet of turkey, chicken breast, hake, pollack, cod, nonfat cottage cheese, egg whites (a few yolks). Try your best to diet were present all the types of proteins, as well as in each product is a unique set of amino acids.

Calorie deficit for weight loss

No. 2. Eat as little as possible of carbohydrates. The deficit of carbohydrates helps to lose weight faster, as well as by the lack of carbohydrates the main energy source is fat. Keep the level of carbohydrates per day: 50 – 100 grams. But this does not mean that if you eat 300 g of carbs, once it is necessary to cut everything and spend 50 to 100 grams. No, it is not possible. Everything should happen without problems, otherwise, ultimately, accumulate in the fat of more than echaris. Trim of 30 – 50g of carbs each week, until you get to 50 – 100g a day.

Choose complex sources of carbohydrates (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, barley). These carbohydrates will nourish your body with the energy for a long time. Likewise in your diet should be present simple carbohydrates (fruits, berries). But simple carbohydrates should not be too much (rate around 20%). And don't forget the vegetables. Vegetables are an excellent source of fiber, which has a positive influence on the process of weight loss and the gastrointestinal tract.

No. 3. Drink sufficient amount of water. Water is the basis of our body, that participates in many life processes. We are made of 60% water, so it simply must be drinking on a daily basis the amount of clean water. The health and well-being directly depends on the quality and the quantity of liquid. And as it is not strange, effective process of burning fat will also depend on the amount of drunk you water.

In the first place: when the body gets to the small amount of liquid increases the viscosity of the blood. Because of this, the oxygen more slowly enters the cells, which in turn slows down the process of fat burning.

In second place: the water speeds up the metabolism, and as you already know, the faster the change of the substances, the faster it occurs, the process of burning fat.

In third place: the water eliminates the body of impurities, excess salts and toxins (such as if the lava, and cleanse the body).

How much you need the water?

The water

For the girls – 40 ml * 1 kg of body weight (for example, a girl who weighs 60 kg, you should drink in the day of 2400 ml or 2.4 l, as well as 40 ml * kg and 60 kg = 2400 ml).

For kids – 50 ml * 1 kg of body weight (for example, the type, weight 100 kg, you should drink in the day of 5000 ml, 5 l, as well as 50 ml * 100 kg = 5000 ml).

No. 4. Eliminate from the diet foods with high level of fats (animal fats, margarine, butter and most of the confectionery products). Consume at minimum these types of fats, such as: egg yolks, cheese and sunflower oil. The best slimming products (list) in the form of fatty acids: flaxseed oil, olive oil, nuts, fatty fish and avocado. Very often, people exclude all fat from your diet, and in this their error. You can not completely abandon the fatty acids, as this can cause a hormonal error. Simply eliminate bad fats and add good. The daily norm for guys and girls = 0.5 g to 1 kg of body weight.

No. 5. And, finally, the main and the most important principle in losing weight is the strict adherence to this rule, which says: "it is necessary to obtain calories less than what you are able to spend per day". This means that you need to eat to eat less and move more. Only in cases of this type burns the subcutaneous fat.