How to quickly lose 5 kg per week at home?

To lose 5 kg in a week, you need to radically change your lifestyle for now. Losing weight in such a short time must be accompanied by a competent approach. Tiring fasting will lead to the fact that after a week the weight will be regained, and the condition of the body will worsen. It is necessary to remember to observe dietary restrictions after the end of the express diet in order to maintain the required weight value.

Choosing a method

For a sudden loss of extra pounds to make sense, it is worth choosing the diet that best suits the body and will not be a painful process in general. Weight loss indicators should be recorded and stored for the future. The weekly period is quite short and the problem of losing 5 kg can be radically solved only by changing the daily diet, which will lead to a sharp decrease in calorie intake.

Other sensible decisions like sports, normalization of the daily routine, etc. they will not have time to function. They can be considered in the future to maintain the weekly result achieved or to continue reducing weight, body shape and increasing muscle tone. Its result is about 3-5 kg ​​per month.


In the morning, on an empty stomach, be sure to drink a glass of clean warm water or apple juice, or a vinegar drink consisting of 200 ml of water and a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Do not skip breakfast at all: a small amount of porridge will give the body the necessary energy for the whole day.

Lunch should include a plate of vegetables and not fried, but boiled meat (beef, chicken, preferably breast). In the evening - light food, for example, vegetable salad, steamed fish, cottage cheese, 200 ml of kefir or yogurt. It will be difficult to stick with a new diet, but if the feeling of hunger becomes stronger, you can afford a snack consisting exclusively of vegetables.

This nutrition will provide the body with all the necessary elements and will push it to use the accumulated fat, which will result in weight loss.

Basic nutrition rules:

  • Drink 2 to 2. 5 liters of water a day.
  • Eat 3 to 5 times a day, try not to overeat or be hungry during the day.
  • Eat up to 200-350 grams of food at a time and try not to over-salt food for about 30-40 days, ideally stop salt.
  • Eliminate fatty foods from the diet.
  • Refrain from ingesting sugar, replace it with honey.
  • Avoid eating wheat flour products (pasta, noodles), freshly baked bread. They will not allow the body to lose those extra pounds.
  • Refrain from fatty mayonnaise, sauces and dressings. This will provide an excellent opportunity to reduce the volume of the legs.
  • Eliminate spices and spices that stimulate the appetite: garlic, pepper, horseradish and others. They lead to an increase in the amount of food consumed, which is unacceptable in the weight loss process.
  • Skip the fruit in the afternoon.
  • Eliminate alcohol from your diet. When there is alcohol, high-calorie foods automatically appear, the worst enemy of weight loss.
  • As an experiment, try eating from small plates. This simple psychological approach can be quite effective and will help fool the brain and stomach.
  • Eat slowly, chewing your food thoroughly. This should be done in the kitchen or dining room, not behind the TV or a book. This makes it easier to control the amount of food and the taste of the food feels better.

Physical activity

The load for the body is selected individually, taking into account training, preferences and abilities. This could be a simple morning warm-up or walk, strength training at the gym, or a visit to the pool.

But it is worth remembering that the intensity and duration should not be maximum, there is no need to exhaust the body, which is already under stress from the change of diet and rhythm of life. Everything must be moderate and competent:

  • Light morning exercises, best done 60 minutes after waking up, will help speed up metabolic processes.
  • Those who prefer strength training should review their regular training program and consult a personal trainer, making sure to clarify about special nutrition.
  • 20 minutes of kettlebell training or 20 minutes of jogging will help you burn calories and boost your metabolism throughout the day.
  • During weight loss, you should rest for 6 to 8 hours. Prolonged sleep or lack of sleep inhibits weight loss. At night, the body expends a lot of energy for all internal systems and organs to function, and consequently it expends calories. Adequate sleep is another aid in body therapy.

Start stretching and simple muscle exercises at home and develop a personal workout that increases your sweating. The last ten minutes of your training should be the hardest (in the first days of your training).

Additional procedures and methods

To get the desired results (minus 5kg), all means will work, but you need to do everything smartly and rationally weighing the steps. By choosing additional procedures, in combination with diet and serious physical activity, you can quickly achieve the goal.

Some of them must be done in the course of training, this will significantly increase their effectiveness. You can use "wrap-around" cosmetic products in the form of creams with various effects aimed at shaping the body, you can wear special clothing for training with special materials, which improves blood circulation, has thermal insulation properties and enhances the lipolysis process. A visit to the massage room, sauna and swimming pool is also a good option.

Diets and recipes

There are three main options to lose weight up to 5 kg in a week at home:

  • Mono-diet. The end result is the use of primarily one product (rice, kefir, apples, buckwheat, cottage cheese).
  • By significantly reducing food intake (starvation diet).
  • As a result of diets with the longest possible result (protein). Suitable mainly for men.

These diets are not recommended for people with increased fatigue, gastrointestinal illnesses, anemia, and chronic illnesses. You should not go on a diet in the spring when the body is weakened.

Indicative menu with recipes for mono-diet:

  • On an empty stomach: 200 ml of hot water with the addition of lemon slices and a tablespoon of honey.
  • Breakfast: 1/3 of porridge, tea (without sugar) or vegetable juice (beet, tomato, pumpkin). It is imperative to study the effect of vegetable juices on the body, for example, beet juice greatly reduces blood pressure and can cause diarrhea, it is not recommended for kidney diseases.
  • Lunch: 1/3 of the previously cooked porridge.
  • Dinner: the remaining amount of cereal.
ways to lose weight by 5 kilograms per week

During any diet, you can drink green tea without restrictions, only without sugar. Of liquids, it is he who promotes weight loss and cleansing the body, and it is very useful.

Pumpkin will effectively help even lazy people to lose weight and at the same time restore the body. It is recommended to consume pumpkin in combination with vegetables or separately in any acceptable form (in the form of porridge or baked). It is prepared quite simply. You need to cut the squash into small cubes, add water and simmer until half cooked for about 30 minutes. Then add a tablespoon of rice or oatmeal, continue to simmer for another half hour. You can add honey to the finished porridge, but try not to salt it.

The use of choleretic herbal preparations based on immortelle, dandelion, bullochka will allow the body to quickly break down fats and thus lose weight. The fat will burn off and will not accumulate in problem areas. These beverages should not be consumed by people with pancreatitis, hepatitis, or functional bowel disease.

For effective cleansing of the body while losing weight, it is helpful to drink cabbage juice. It will improve metabolic processes, avoid the accumulation of fats from carbohydrates. It is recommended to drink up to 2-3 glasses of this juice per day in the morning on an empty stomach, then an hour before meals. It is useful to drink it together with carrot or beet juice.

Kefir diet

The kefir diet is considered a very effective real way to quickly lose 5 kg at home. It is shown to relatively healthy and strong people, not only allows to eliminate extra pounds and inches in the abdomen and other problem areas, but also cleanses the body of toxins well.

The advantage of this diet is that it is short and very simple: you do not need to buy special foods or develop a diet. The essence of the diet is that you need to drink 1. 5 liters of kefir a day. You can eat foods like apples, oranges, buckwheat, boiled chicken breast. You only need to follow the recommended diet for three days. During this time, drink 1. 5 liters of water a day.

Buckwheat diet

The buckwheat diet is another effective way to lose weight quickly. To do this, you need to eat buckwheat cooked in a special way in a week:

  • In the evening, pour a glass of cereal with two glasses of boiling water (you can also do it in a thermos).
  • The next day, eat without seasonings or soups, washed down with kefir or green tea.

Kefir can not drink more than 1 liter per day. The duration of the diet is one week. The consumption of fruit and unsweetened black tea is allowed but not recommended.

Do not forget, in order not to deprive the body of it of useful substances, doctors strongly recommend that a woman take vitamin preparations while she loses weight.

Experts do not recommend in any case to buy incomprehensible diet pills at the pharmacy, on the Internet and on the advice of dubious consultants. These drugs are based on a banal laxative, and frequent use of such drugs can seriously harm the body, lead to dehydration, upset the gastrointestinal tract, or the occurrence of various diseases.


While wandering the internet, you can often stumble upon materials on the topic of rapid weight loss in preparation for the summer. In addition, many of them recommend very terrible methods that sooner or later can have dire consequences. These can be recommendations for refusing food, exhausting the body, and even conspiracies.

One of the most ridiculous methods is the last one. Girls who want to lose weight are recommended to say certain words in the bathroom once a day, and then the weight quickly disappears. The only positive aspect will be to improve the mood of others.

But there are more dangerous ways to do harm. Many sources recommend baking soda for weight loss. The fact is that soda neutralizes the acidity of the stomach, which can provoke its pathologies. As for using baking soda as a bath, you can do it in any amount, but it is unlikely to help.

It is worth noting that losing weight in children or adolescents at such a rapid rate is absolutely contraindicated. Any diet at this age can only be prescribed by a doctor and carried out under her supervision.