How to lose weight in a week. What is needed is. The basic rules of 7 days of diet

If you really weight loss of between 5 and 10 pounds in a week without dieting?

  1. The experts say that yes, reset the weight can. But it is necessary to comply with the following rules, in addition to do sports (although normal in the gym in the morning).
  2. How to lose weight without dieting and eliminate the womb can be difficult for beginners, you should develop a diet plan and mentally prepare. You need an incentive, which will help not to fall.
  3. Of the power to exclude all foods that contain sugar, fast food, lemonade, alcohol. The core of berry fruits and vegetables, water, lean meat, shellfish, fish, legumes, oil-free real and all that we are going to talk about below.
  4. If we ask, how can you lose weight by week, even for 10 kg, then you'll have to do sport. Just as well without dieting at home result get rid of odious inches in the waist. The sport is an intense cardio workout that focuses on burning fat.
  5. For the rapid reduction of weight is necessary to combine cardio (a minimum of 4 hours per week) with the security forces (3 hours per week) training sessions. This duo will lead to a rapid loss of body weight and the formation of the relief.

Fast lose weight 5 pounds in a week without diets: 12 steps

Below we will explain quickly how to lose weight 5 kg All of the following rules will lead to the result of the week, as long as the compliance of the requirements in the home. Lose weight without diets is a reality!

Step # 1. Drink water

  1. The weight reduction and cleaning, are related concepts. With the pollution of the slag and toxins from your body, never lose weight. Therefore, drink ye, drink ye, and still more drinking water!
  2. Daily, it is necessary to consume at least 2 liters purified bottled liquid. From the menu are excluded completely packaged juice, lemonade, sauces, sweets, alcohol.
  3. Drink a glass of water with lemon juice up to 45 minutes before meals. Then, the same amount of citric acid water eat through 2-hours of behind-the intake of food. This is so basic. Do not be consumption of lemon water of the room temperature in the morning on an empty stomach.
  4. Many underestimate the water, although it is the basis of everything. Starts the metabolic processes in the body, makes the blood circulate more strong, more clean of the lymph, kidneys, liver, intestine. They always forget about the locks and is quickly going to lose weight.
  5. If it is difficult to follow treatment of drinking water, download in your smartphone an app that warns you about the need to drink.

Step no. 2. Completely avoid the fast food

  1. We have beyond what fast to lose weight 5 kilos per week get rid of excess weight in the household away all of the snacks, biscuits, sweets. Then, without diet and in the pp will be removed decent. Talk with the people in the house, so that when you do not eat French fries and other "bad things".
  2. There is No need to eat crepes in quick cooking or burgers. Take as eating apples, nuts, natural yoghurt without additives, cheese, dry fruits and other gifts.
  3. Since the menu always (and not only in the period of weight loss) is excluded from fast-food, canned, salted, sausage, other of the workpiece and semi-finished products. Lean only cooked, steamed, braised.
  4. The bird with the skin, flesh, fat, fat – all this under the ban. Learn the basics of nutrition now, because later will be too late. While you chew the muck, others take the agency's valuable products.

Step # 3. Avoid fast carbohydrates

  1. That should be excluded? Potatoes, rice, bread, wheat, pasta, not hard wheat, ice cream, pastries and bun, French fries, sugar.
  2. At the time of deciding quickly how to lose weight 5 kilos per week, remember important aspect. At home, I just leave the pace of carbohydrates and all! Weight reduction without diets that provide.

Step no. 4. Speed up the metabolism

  1. Your main task – to accelerate all processes of change, for which the adipose tissue is not accumulated, but, on the contrary, disappeared. To this end, you can buy Badi in the pharmacy. All of them are a complement to the meal and very good in this task.
  2. But for those who are not willing to spend money on supplements pharmacists, will recommend the list of products that should receive. Read in the lentils, low-fat cheese (hard and soft varieties), chili, pepper, ginger (you can prepare the miracle of cocktails), avocado, cinnamon, honey, milk, all the milk-acid products.
  3. It necessarily must exclude the salt, the bicarbonate of sodium from the diet. They retain water and inhibit weight loss. In the menu must be present in the food with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin D, proteins, dietary fibers (fiber).
  4. The basis of the diet (30-40%) must be with fresh fruit, vegetables and berries. The other 50% takes the food with proteins. It's basic that you need to know to start losing weight.
  5. Alternating cardio (e.g. running) with the security forces (squats with weights) exercises. This super is a good methodology. More often on foot, climbing the stairs and not the elevator.
  6. In addition, we provide, as quickly lose weight 5 kilos weight loss per week, drink water. At home, you can prepare it with the addition of ginger, lemon, honey, cinnamon, and drink on an empty stomach. So without dieting you can handle the task.
  7. Important! You never skip breakfast. Woke up, drank a glass of water with lemon, wait 45 minutes and had breakfast. Breakfast is the base, which initiates the metabolism is better than nothing.

Step # 5. Stop smoking

  1. Tobacco addiction is the most pernicious habit, which is hard to refuse. Many do not know how to do the mouth and the hands, when they get rid of cigarettes.
  2. Fortunately, there is a solution. Electronic cigarette, which is supplied with a special liquid. You can buy in any shop of the internet, the fluid also.
  3. Cigarettes are very slow down the metabolic processes by which fat is accumulated and difficult to be. If you cannot stop smoking, buy e-mail, start exercising more, they will regret their body.
  4. Tobacco clogs the vessels, leads to the apathy and chronic fatigue, pollutes the body from toxic substances. In such circumstances, you simply will be difficult to lose weight.

Step no. 6. Breakfast

The breakfast is right when losing weight

To understand quickly how to lose weight 5 kilos per week, you have to follow simple rules. In the home that will be removed from weight without diet, if you are not going to skip breakfast.

  1. Studies have shown that long-term hunger does not help to say goodbye to undesirable kilos. On the contrary, these actions lead to the development of serious pathologies.
  2. The body begins to function properly, precisely at the time when the reception of the breakfast. If you miss, with the fat you will not be able to say goodbye. How to lose weight at home is quick and easy, it must start with a delicious breakfast. You will be removed from weight without diet.
  3. Studies have shown that consumption of foods with high calorie content in the beginning of the day promotes the rapid reduction of the total mass of the body. If you decide to go for the habit of having breakfast always, we will significantly improve the metabolism.
  4. While eating breakfast, you maintain an optimum level of insulin in the blood. Properly started day increases work capacity. Thanks to this begins early in the process of burning calories.
  5. After awakening, the breakfast leaves the body of important nutrients. If you miss the morning meal, the state will be much worse. Properly started day will give more energy to the body and the brain activity.
  6. Breakfast enables you to understand quickly how to lose weight 5 kilos per week. Eating in the morning, you are going to contain the normal-weight at home without dieting. In addition breakfast helps to reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Step # 7. Eat foods with calorie content negative

  1. Products with negative calories require a lot of time for its digestion and assimilation.
  2. Because of this, the body has to spend a lot of their own calories. In consequence, it accelerates the exchange of substances occurs natural weight loss.
  3. Between these products it is worth noting the zucchini, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes and commercial salad dressings of the leaves.

Step no. 8. Eat small portions

  1. The process of reduction of weight is directly dependent on the amount of times a day you eat. Take the habit of eating with small dishes. Forget supplements.
  2. The small meals to lose weight
  3. In the day you should eat 5-6 times. This does not mean that you are going to eat more products. This practice allows you to trick the stomach and give a constant feeling of satiety.
  4. How are you going to know what fast lose weight 5 kilos per week. Eating at home successfully. Then dispense of diets.

Step no. 9. Get enough sleep

  1. If you sleep in the correct time of day and a suitable amount of time, health issues and the nervous system does not occur. As a result, you will always feel cheerful and vigorous. You will be a force in the commission of foreign affairs.
  2. Quality sleep allows the body to fully rest and recover. Thanks to this, during the hours of wakefulness occurs burning excess calories and, as a result, the fast weight reduction. Sleeps the order of 7-8 hours.

Step no. 10. Change the style of life

  1. Take the habit of always prepare your own meals. Forget about meals rpidas and semi-finished products.
  2. You will be able to control the amount of calories. To help you lose unwanted weight will be exercise.
  3. If you are a long time to pass by the computer or tv, which contributes to the early set of excess weight.
  4. Try to move on foot. Forget the elevators, unless you use the ladder or the machine. Drink more water.

Step no. 11. Do not eat in the afternoon

  1. As quickly as you lose weight 5 pounds a week is very feasible, it is necessary to stop eating after a certain hour of the day. In the home begins the relief of weight without diet.
  2. For weight loss passed the maximum efficiency, make yourself a schedule. Sign the hour of the food and follow the plan. The result will not wait long.

Step no. 12. Avoid the stress

  1. Stop worrying about excess weight. Try to minimize stress in the workplace and in the home. It is precisely because of the frequent experiences that develop serious health problems, including obesity.
  2. If you find yourself with an unpleasant situation, listen to your favorite music and take it easy. Well, if you are able to enjoy yoga classes.
  3. On the possibility of visiting exotic places, the quiet parks, salty or sugary sources. Learn to meditate and breathe deeply. Get enough sleep.

To tone with the correct wavelength and objective. As quickly as lose weight 5 kilos per week, really, write for yourself hours. At home, eating well and leading an active lifestyle. As a result, you echaris the excess weight without dieting.