The Dukan diet authorized products of the stages of the

Thin constitution guarantees not only the aesthetic appearance, but of health, and the holder attractive in appearance. The Dukan diet authorized products of the stages of easy to reduce the weight, but also help to maintain the sought-after figure in the mark. On the basis of a method – the consumption of proteins. After going through all the stages, the diet is converted in the tasks menu which provides an attractive appearance to old age.

The Dukan Diet

Characteristics of the diet

Eminent physician-nutritionist, who has lived in france, pierre Dukan during four decades he developed a methodology of thinning, accessible to every person. The essence of the Dukan diet – approved products to use in stages. To achieve a result easily through the inclusion in the daily food of the diet with a high content of protein and limiting carbohydrate and fat from food.

Composing the daily menu, taking into account the products authorized by a doctor, you can not lose weight in the short term. Slight reduction of weight ensures long-lasting in the coming years. The Dukan diet contains a large list of foods allowed, which allow you to along the four stages do not stay hungry and lose weight.

Two initial stages point to an intense weight-loss, the third and the fourth, in the fixing of the results. The ideal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates causes the body to function again, removing the unnecessary burden. The compliance of all the recommendations of the French famous will be the key of your result.

Recommended products

Four stages of the Dukan diet include products allowed by stages. In each phase, simply consume recommended products for this period. The large list, Dukan studied in detail the action of each on the mechanism of weight loss. Among the products can be combined, but adhere to the recommendations for the particular phase of the four.

Thanks to the wide selection of foods, weight loss happens without pain. Lack of feeling of constant hunger reduces the risk of breakage and requires a new perspective of the choice of food.

Stage no. 1: the attack of

The main weight reduction occurs in the first phase of the diet. The products of a list established for a particular period, contain a large amount of protein. The resignation of carbohydrate and fat in foods contributes to the rapid loss of weight. The processes of change begin to work faster, therefore, the greater number of kilos can be lost in a short period of the first phase.

Recommended products

The maximum number of days recommended protein to the menu of no more than ten days. Of 2 to 5 kg can be lost, if repeat, genetic a day 3 to 5 times. How much you need to stay in the first phase, each person can determine individually for you. The number of days proportional to the amount of pounds that you want to get rid of. Exceed ten business days, it is not recommended, long-term supply the protein in the food leads to renal pathology.

The Dukan diet: attack — the list of foods allowed in the following table:

Name of the It allows you to Hotel
The meat Beef, turkey, rabbit and chicken. The offal can be, but rarely. Lean ham from the earlier of the meat. Goose, duck.
The egg of the hen The protein The egg yolk
The fish The fish of all varieties, all kinds of seafood boiled, braised, baked without oil. Canned, smoked, salted
Dairy products Yogurt, kefir, milk 0.5% fat, 5% of the curd Milk, kefir, ryazhenka 2,5%, cottage cheese, 9%
Drinks Weak coffee or tea drink Mineral water, resistant, sweet tea and coffee
The oil 1 teaspoon of olive oil daily to improve intestinal motility Sunflower oil, butter,
Spices Carnation, wasabi, mustard, ginger, curry, cinnamon, coriander

The oat bran is included in the daily diet, which will complete the lack of fiber and improves digestion. The volume of the – 30 grams a day.

Stage no. 2: rotation of

In the second period of the Dukan diet is introduced dishes of vegetables allowed in the product. The most difficult time behind, but is in the stage of "cruise", you have the big desire to finish the diet. The motivation to follow can serve as a reset of weight in the first few days and the desire to come closer to the desired image.

The diet of pierre Dukan (allowed products) already includes this list for the first stage of the complex carbohydrates with low glycemic index. Mandatory requirement: the consumption of 1.5 l of purified water a day and rolled oats in 3 tablespoons of each day without interruption.

In the composition of the Dukan diet in the phase of rotation — allowed products in the following table:

Vegetables for diet
It allows you to Hotel
Pepper Bulgarian The potatoes
Fennel, spinach The corn
The radish, the turnip The pasta
Celery, asparagus

Cucumbers, tomatoes

Peas, beans
Zucchini, eggplant Grain of the product
Col Olives
The pumpkin Lentils
Leek, parsley, dill, green salad The avocado

The second stage can last from 2 weeks to several months, depending on the desired result. The greater part of the weight is reset during the first half of the Dukan diet, when on the list of foods that are allowed include only the foods protein source and vegetables.

Sample menu for one day:

  • Breakfast: cheese, put low-fat yogurt; pancake oatmeal; sugar-free green tea
  • Lunch: vegetable soup puree of cauliflower, the tomatoes, the zucchini without salt, boiled fish, the juice of pumpkins
  • Snack: vegetable casserole with egg
  • Dinner: pie of spinach, 0.5% kefir

The recipe for pancakes oatmeal:

  • 2 tablespoons of oatmeal pour a small amount of warm water
  • Separately, beat the egg whites and a little salt
  • Introduce with care the mass of protein to flakes
  • In the preheated oven pour a bit of olive oil
  • Distribute the dough in the pan and fry the pancake for 3 minutes on each side

Stage no. 3: strengthening of the

In the second half of the diet of pierre Dukan to the authorized products are added to the fruit, a little bread. The basic amount of weight relieved from work for the next period is the retention of the body mass in the laurel level.

Food remains fractions with sufficient amounts of water. The flakes of oatmeal can chew on or add to dishes. The first 6 days of the week on the menu is prepared taking into account all the food allowed in this phase, and one day, the doctor recommended Thursday, leaving the protein a day. To the previously authorized for use in products, is added to another table.

The Dukan diet: table of foods allowed in the phase of fixing:

Name of the Allowed products, advice on the consumption of Hotel
The bread Of rye, of wheat, of not more than 50 grams per day White bread, baking
Fruits All, except those prohibited, not more than 250 g / day Raisins, banana, cherry, dried fruits
Cheese Solid, fat, less than 25%, to 35 grams per day Fatty varieties
Cereals Buckwheat 210 g of rice 100 g of Grits
The potatoes Not more than 150 g / day, previously, it is recommended to soak to remove the starch

Stage # 4: stabilization of

In the fourth phase of the Dukan diet includes a complete list of foods allowed with the three previous stages. In this period there is no need to give one of the proteins of day. The diet of all days of the week represent vegetables, fruit, rye bread, of the proteins of the food. Ban yourself from this list, you do not need anything, just limit the amount of to small portions.

The fourth phase aims to reduce the weight, the main task of keeping the weight at the same level. The number of days of stabilization is not limited, therefore, by following this menu can be a lifetime, sometimes leaving a gala menu.

The physical exercise

To achieve prompt / the reduction of weight during the diet, pierre Dukan you should pay special attention to the motor activity. Performing simple daily exercises of walking and cycling will positively affect the health and appearance of thinning of the person.

Trim form will ensure hiking in the sports hall. Deal with can 3 times a week. Use all opportunities to stop the transport. Weight loss will happen quickly, if the muscle tissue is going to work, and burn calories faster, the division of deposits of lipids.

For more recommendations

Before you start to follow the Dukan diet, and leave on a daily basis of the diet are allowed only the products of the stages, you should consult with your health care provider if the presence of pathologies of chronic character.

What are the contraindications can interfere with the thinning of the methodology of French nutritionist:

  • Heart failure
  • The disease of the vessels
  • Pathologies of the urinary system, renal failure
  • Malfunction of the locomotor system
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • When the diet is necessary to provide the motor activity
  • The disease of the thyroid
  • Cancer neoplasms
  • Allergic reactions
  • The period of gestation and lactation
  • 18 years of age

If the Dukan diet was successfully used in the practice, henceforth, the challenge is to maintain the weight, which has been achieved as a result of the prolonged work on oneself. To maintain the attractiveness for a long time, you must follow simple principles:

  • Eat often in small portions, following the advice of French of a dietitian
  • Drink clean, do not boil the water for at least two one-liter bottles per day
  • Useful 1 time a week to limit the power, for the discharge of an organism can be proteins, dairy products, buckwheat
  • Move independently, not to use the means of transport, to get active in the hobby
  • Eat 3 tablespoons of bran
  • Do sports, to smile more